At Rugs in Style, we are more than just rugs. We specialise in all kinds of decorative rugs and floor coverings. We think of the decorative power of your floor, in your home. Rugs in Style offer a range of floor coverings; from laminate, bamboo, vinyl planks and carpet, to decorative rugs. To keep up with modern trends we are constantly evolving so you can maintain your unique edge of style. We have a large range of rugs varying in texture, colour, and patterns to beautifully accent your home, as well as an array of sizes to suit your living and entertaining spaces, through to your bedrooms and hallways. Our friendly staff can assist you with all your flooring needs by assessing quality and colours that would appropriately suit your own home and style.



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Rugs in Style is a top leading company in making all types and kinds of rugs. Whatever is your desire, we have the best solution for you. Get the rugs in vast colours and design by connecting with us. Your experience will remain the best by installing our rugs. We are the best ones to make your home attractive and valuable.

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Do you desire to get the best and cheap rugs online in Adelaide? You can get online and by visiting our company. We do not compromise on the quality of the rugs. Our skilled and experienced teams will remain active to complete all the essential steps to make your rugs unique. We have a vast collection of pure rugs style in Adelaide and best suit to your home, budget and Style.

You will be certain that you will get ideal rugs from our collection, whether you are searching for designer rug pieces or economical options. We have got popularity because we are your one non-stop online business covering all your ground covering requirements.

Our main aim is to deliver our customers quality rugs that will last for a lifetime. We have a broad collection of various shapes, designs, and sizes obtainable. Consequently, look at our online store and ensure you are checking our site to get quality rugs according to your budget. Thus, you will never miss our best rugs for your special event. Decorate your home now by fitting our effective and attractive rugs.

Eco-friendly Rugs

As we use natural supplies to make the rugs, so gets eco-friendly flooring rugs from us.


Our Rugs Shed

Often, rugs get shedding over time. Do not become worried. Get rugs from us, and you can maintain the lifetime of our rugs by vacuuming them daily. Shredding will appear for few months, and then this problem will eliminate properly.

Why Should Buy Rugs From Us?

Instead of visiting the other rug providing companies, you need to visit our company. If you have not much time, do not worry. We have an online solution for you. It will save your time and cash. You will get your quality order at your place. Search the vast range of collections and place your order now.

Customer Satisfaction Services

You need to shop rugs from us because we provide a guarantee of our products. Customer satisfaction is our goal while making any orders. We try to incorporate your ideas and mix our own expertise to make first-class rugs.

About Our Return, Refund And Repair Rules

We have a repair, refund, and return policy through an online process.  So, earlier than placing your order, you need to check our rules and regulations. Then, you can easily refund your rugs within the specific time frame if you are not agreed. You will get the alter rug at the same price.

We Specialise In All Kinds Of Decorative Rugs And Floor Coverings

Privacy Policy

Most of the customers get rugs from our shop because we secure your data. We collect much customer information before sending a confirmation message to them of their orders. Your all data will remain protected in our rugs stores in Adelaide.

Register yourself with our company and get daily updates about our services, products and customer reviews. We always get the best remarks from our clients. That’s why our name is added to the top rug providing company.

Kids play rugs in Adelaide we are also selling. Now, make your child’s room funny and relax by getting our rugs.

Please Communicate With Us

We are waiting to hear an order from you. For any help or placing an order, dial 08 8250 3549.

You can send your requirements at info.rugsinstyle@gmail.com.


We Specialise In All Kinds Of Decorative Rugs And Floor Coverings

Our Friendly Staff Can Assist You With All Your Flooring Needs.