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Here at Rugs in Style, expensive Luxury Rugs in Adelaide will generally be made out of high-quality wool, silk, or other natural fibers. A more moderately priced rug, on the other hand, is often made out of synthetics, like polyester, olefin, or nylon, or even low-quality wool or a natural fiber such as jute. The materials make our luxury rugs stand out from others to manufacture the product and its standard.

Our Target Audience

We also sell Luxury Rugs for individuals that are more art savvy and willing to invest more than the average price on a rug to improve the visual appeal of their home and are into interior designing. Our rugs are power-loomed using enhanced polypropylene, water and spill-resistant, easy cleaning and stunning patterns with bold effects that will add flair to any indoor or outdoor area.

The Fascination of Our Luxury Rugs

For some, rugs are simply a means of protecting a hardwood floor or providing comfort from a hard surface. For others, the textiles are the design anchor for a room, basically serving as fine art for the floor.

Why Are They So Expensive?

Suppose you are thinking of buying one of our rugs and ask why they should spend so much money on something that gets walked on. Our rugs could be in hundreds of environments, and to put it quite simply, our rugs transform spaces.


A good quality rug can take a long time to make—from more than a few months or even a year—which generally has to do with the complex manufacturing process. Our rugs are of a high standard, and they include designs not typically found in ordinary uncharacteristic rugs.

How Do They Differ From Normal Rugs?

Our Luxury Rugs In Adelaide include unique faded accents, and they allow for more muted colours. Its colours augment the sleek, streamlined look and blend effortlessly with many colour palettes allowing you to mix and match many other luxury pieces and products.
We also have a beautiful luxury Oriental collection inspired by traditional patterns yet created with the latest colours and contemporary technology, offering a dense, long-lasting pile and crisp design. This rug uses the softest synthetic yarns, which won’t fade, stain or absorb liquids. This extraordinary combination of patterns, hues and design will add a magnificent accent to any setting.

We Specialise In All Kinds Of Decorative Rugs And Floor Coverings

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We specialize in all kinds of ornamental Floor Rugs in Adelaide and floor coverings. We think of the aesthetic power of your floor in your home. We have a wide variety of rugs having different textures, hues, and designs to exquisitely heighten the charm of your home, as well as a myriad of sizes to suit your living and entertaining spaces, from your bedrooms to your hallways.
Our welcoming staff can help you with all your flooring needs by evaluating quality and colours that suitably accent your own home and style. We offer various floor coverings, from laminate, bamboo, vinyl planks and carpet, to oriental rugs. To keep up with the most popular trends, we are constantly changing so you can uphold your unique flair

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We Specialise In All Kinds Of Decorative Rugs And Floor Coverings

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    We Specialise In All Kinds Of Decorative Rugs And Floor Coverings